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USO Harbor Area Car Show Registration

Event Info

Registration Info

By purchasing a registration ticket for your car, motorcycle or bike you release Allstar Concerts / USO Car club / Harbor Regional Parks & recreation and the city of Los Angeles of any claims, lawsuits, liabilities, losses or actions from any and known or unknown damages, injuries or losses, judgements and or claims from any cause that may be suffered by any staff, participant, to his or her person, property while attending this event on July 28th, 2018. Further any participant will be fully responsible for any damages that may occur from movement of their vehicle/bike before, during and after the show. Any pictures or videos taken at the time of the show may be used for advertisement, promotion, marketing for future events. You agree that you have no rights to these images and the images will be long to the promoters of the show. All fire regulations must be followed or be subject to disqualification from the event, No entry can start or operate their hydraulics/ airbags during show hours. Do not bring anything that could be considered a weapon, absolutely NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL. Violators will be asked to leave. By purchasing a registration ticket you AGREE to the above regulations and fully understand your responsibilities.